RevOps visibility like you've never seen.

Explore data and determine action — faster than ever before.
Screenshots showing Roster product workbench: Activity Inspection, Funnel Diagnosis, Benchmarking, and Metrics Library
Screenshots showing Roster product workbench: Activity inspection, Funnel Diagnosis, Benchmarking, and Metrics Library

Life with Roster

Get sales insights in minutes

Eliminate reporting headaches using pre-loaded templates for Planning, QBRs, Pipeline Reviews, and more

Save your team 40 hours/month

Activate the power of a team of sales analysts & analytics engineers, right at your fingertips

Grow revenue with less headcount

Direct your reps to the highest value activities and maximize rep productivity

Demo: Roster for RevOps

Less time wrangling data, more time on creative problem solving. Work faster and smarter with:

  • Benchmarking
  • Activity Log
  • Funnel Diagnosis

What RevOps are saying

Roster saved us 20 hours in planning by helping us verify our hypotheses around rep impact, baseline conversion, and rep productivity. Activity Inspection helped us identify where reps were wasting time, and unlocked more precise guidance for Managers.

Headshot of Wensheen Tong
Wensheen Tong
Head of Growth Ops

Roster’s Funnel Diagnosis provided crisp visibility into funnel numbers that we otherwise would have spent weeks trying to wrangle from our sales tools.

Headshot of Cyrus Symoom
Cyrus Symoom

Four tools built just for you

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Activity Inspection

Screenshot of Roster's Activity Inspection tool
Define “good”
Understand what attributes in calls, emails, and texts lead to successful outcomes.
Unlock precise guidance for Managers
Direct your reps to the highest value activities to maximize productivity.
A single, unified view
Stop switching back-and-forth between tools to understand what reps are doing.

Funnel Diagnosis

Screenshot of Roster's Funnel Diagnosis tool
Accelerate analysis
Get faster signals into where pipeline is converting, and where it’s not — so you know precisely where to dig in.
No SQL required
Ever written a funnel query in SQL?...Yeah, we get it. Luckily, we’ve taken care of that so you don't have to.
Tell the story
Point to what happened at what stages, in what point of time, and for how long.


Screenshot of Roster's Benchmarking tool
Get comps in minutes, not days
No more parsing through PDFs, collecting anecdotes, and piecing together a comparison in Google Sheets.
Exclusive internal insights
Understand where your team stands compared to the best in the industry.
Specific and actionable
Filter by annual revenue and industry to generate a report that’s tailored for you.

Metrics Library

Screenshot of Roster's Metrics Library tool
Get historical facts, fast
Access weekly, monthly, quarterly aggregations so you don’t have to write annoying SUMIFs.
Ready-to-go reporting
No more reporting headaches with pre-loaded templates at your disposal for Planning, QBRs, and more.
Collaborate seamlessly
Stop snoozing Slack pings! Get back to your CRO/VP Sales, Finance, and HR teams in a jiffy.

Accelerate your upcoming planning cycle or QBR

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