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Roster is building the next generation of tools for Ops teams of today — starting with a benchmarking tool for RevOps.

A day in the life


Scenario 1
With inaccessible data, building QBR slides takes days or weeks.
Scenario 2
I have a hunch, but I lack the data to back me up.
Scenario 3
I don’t know how our metrics stack up against our peers.

What RevOps are saying

Roster helped us prove and disprove hypotheses we had around what’s actually correlated to sales success.
Headshot of Wensheen Tong
Wensheen Tong
Head of Growth Operations @ AtoB
Roster helped provide crisp visibility into funnel numbers that we otherwise would've spent weeks trying to wrangle.
Headshot of Cyrus Symoom
Cyrus Symoom
CEO @ Clariti

Introducing Benchmarking

Get comps in minutes, not days
No more parsing through PDFs, collecting anecdotes, and piecing together a comparison in Google Sheets.
Exclusive internal insights
Understand where your team stands compared to the best in the industry.
Specific and actionable
Filter by annual revenue and industry to generate a report that’s tailored for you.

Your RevOps metrics benchmarked, in seconds

Built for Ops, by Ops, alongside Ops
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